What is MMID Know All About MMID

What is MMID. how can any one get  MMID.  MMID Mobile Money Identifier is a seven digit random number issued by the bank after registration the first four digits are the unique identification number of the bank offering IMPS. Remitter (customer who wants to send money) and Beneficiary (customer who wants to receive the money) should have MMID for doing inter bank funds transfer. In case if the customer has more than one account linked to his / her mobile number, the bank will allocate a mobile money identifier for each account of the mobile banking customer. how does he select the account from which he / she intends to pay?
The customer can select the account using this MMID allocated to him/her. The combination of mobile number and MMID helps as a mistake proofing step for the remitter and tries to mitigate the risk of wrong credit incase the remitter enters erroneous mobile number.

How to generate MMID? . it can be generated through visiting banks then apply for mobile banking at that time it will generate your mmid or if you have internet banking then

Login to Internet Banking >> Click on Generate MMID >> Select Account Number for which MMID needs to be generated or It can be also generated by dialing *99# then either you type 3 letter of bank short name Or first 4 letter of Bank IFSC or 2 digit bank numeric code. then you will get these various options.

i) Account Balance ii) Mini Statement iii) Send Money Using MMID iv) Send money using IFSC vi) Show MMID vii) MPIN


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