What Is Excess DRS Charges in State Bank Of India

State Bank of India has recently introduced  the Transactions based charges (by PBBU) & ATM related transactions (by Alternate Channels Department) which is effective from 01-01-2017. Due to this  Customers are getting their account debited by state bank of India with remarks Excess DRS Charges in their account statement. in this post we are going to share What Is Fee Excess DRS Charges in State Bank Of India.

FEE Excess DRS Charges or Transaction based charges has been categorised on the basis of.

ii)   BALANCE Savings Bank
iii)  Transactions Charge:
iv)  Charges based on number of
v)   Transactions

Now Monthly limit on a number of debit transaction has been also fixed and then after its chargeable.

MONTHLY LIMIT ON NUMBER OF FREE ATM TRANSACTIONS (BOTH FINANCIAL AND NON-FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS) has been also fixed and then after its chargeable. Excess DRS charges are Rs 6 per transactions on each online transactions.

Rs 0-1000 => 20 online transactions
Rs 1000-25000 => 40 online transactions
Rs 25000 and above => Unlimited

Per excess transactions chargeable @Rs 6 per online transaction and @Rs 23 per atm transaction

All the above calculations are per month basis. Average monthly balance is calculated by balance at the end of (Day1+Day2+Day3+…Day30) / 30.

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90 thoughts on “What Is Excess DRS Charges in State Bank Of India

  1. Cheating h sara sar ullu banya ja rha h..ise khte h caseless..I hate sbi services..my account debit 172.5 rupees for fee excess Drs ..

      1. Rs 59/- debited from my a/c by SBI, I don’t know how it could have been occurred. I am associated with this bank since 1974 till date
        Is it cheating to the customer?

  2. SBI cheating everyone, till now balance maintained more than 5000/- and max i use my debit card monthly once and there is no online transaction still I fond my bank statement FEE EXCESS DRS— Rs 69/-

  3. What is this SBI doing boss. What is this excess cr in SB which charges rs 57.50 in every deposits . where as this excess Dr in SB …….deducted mine 862 rs . now SBI will called as dacoit banks . refund my amount…mrs. Arundhati Rai.

    1. My account debited rs 57.50 for fee excess dr in sb in two month may snd june i have use debit card only one time please refund my amount

  4. Well developed India.. This is called digital India…Politicians are kick in middle and poor class people.

    Mr.Modi Sir.. I ur fan… God is there modi.. Definitely you will get some fruitful things…. You can blame people.. but…….,,…

  5. S.b.I bhut bra chor bank ban gya hai…jab man tan paisa cut kar leta hai…ab lgta hai account close Hi kar bana last option bcha hai…chor bank…

  6. I have debited from my Ac access Drs Rs 365/- …I can’t understand what’s happing ? Plz retain my money to my Ac ..as soon as possible.. Becoz its my money .and its a PMSP Ac ..how can debit my money like this…..Plz check back and credit my money soon.

  7. SBI debited Rs. 175 from my account bcz of stupid modi govt. I bet u this is the last chance for holding power in india u & u people (BJP) never come back to power in India since u people never understand poor people and farmer’s problems. u people are Businessman’s toys. but one Fine day judgement day u people will be destroyed by us…………………


    Mathan Mohan G


  8. amount of Rs.402 has been debited from my father SBI A/C as fee Excess DRS in SBI. please tell me about Drs system.?

  9. Now Monopoly in SBI .. Whatever they like they formulating polices and charges upon the innocent customers who anyway don’t know the policies. It’s better to switch on other bank..🖕fucking SBI RULES.

  10. What is this fucking method of looting customers. You r researching new methods of looting people. Worst bank. I will close my account in SBI. Rs 34 has been deducted without my information. What the hell

  11. this is the new invention of modi govt for legal loot.this time we can say that this is not the modi govt this is daku’s govt. at first govt said that deposit your all money in the bank and now applicable many charges.this is very samfull.wat about poor people who have only 2 to 3 thousent rupee that all amount will take sbi as a gift on the basis of froud charges…this action will realy very harmfull for modi govt,

  12. स्टेट बैंक वाले चोर हो गये है…… एक तो नोटबंदी ने झंड कर दिया उपर से ये बेंक वाले लूट रहे है…..

  13. sbi cheating the people with out any transactions my account debited 115 rs as drs charges worst bank in our country i have never seen this type of bank.

  14. amount of Rs.118 and 120 has been debited from my SBI A/C as fee Excess DRS in SBI. what is drs? why we pay for it?
    ंआःहमने तो मोदि जी का दिल से सपोर्ट किया था, हमे क्या पता विजय माल्या के पैसे भी मोदी हम जैसे मिडल क्लास और गरिब लोगो से वसुल करोगे, शायद हमने गलत लोगो पे भरोसा किया. अब तो ऐसा लग रहा है की कॉग्रेस पार्टी ही अ्च्ची थी जो घोटाला तो करते थे पर मिडल क्लास और गरिबो पर बोझ नही डालते थे. यहा तो खुलेआम लुट हो रही है और हम कुच कर भी नही सकते……

  15. They are the worse…… My balance is only rs. 13.80 and i do onlyone tra saction a dthey still chargedme rs. 11.80 for exccess drs. What thefuck is this??
    Whywould they even do this. Are they making a bad name for themselves.

  16. My account debit for 59 fee free drs…………….. What this is drs tree???? Aam public se dhoka h…………………

  17. There should be a system like mobile number portability in banking also. We can change our bank without changing account number and IFSC Code after that all banks suddenly get descent after that.
    Money looters, hate banking with SBI

  18. my 118 deducted when i call customer care he told me as per your average monthly balance only 2 transaction allowed at Parent branch by using voucher and 5 ATM withdrawals allowed. and 40 for internet.

    i only withdraw 4 times from home branch, and customer care said for you only 2 times allowed. but here only everywhere mentioned 4 times allowed per month, really don’t know how much they apple FEES EXCESS DRS Charges

  19. In India more than 70% people getting salary less than 25000, so the SBI cashing it. As of My knowledge sbi looting the money from poor and giving to rich people and struggling for get it back. so my contribution to the this Lotty is 118rs

  20. sir maine alat pension yojana ka vima karvaya hai sir mujhe abhi tak secound fund 1000 nahi mila hai kyu sir plaease answer

  21. Rupees 430 debited from my account in the name of drs !!! What is this ?? I’ve only used my ATM facility once and they are charging 430 rupees for it ??

  22. I hate sbi bank ,i am feeling sadness because its 3 times my balance detected by 118 that is 356 rupees they have taken bullshitt

  23. Please return my hard earn money,this is not fare
    I hate sbi service or bank i’ll change my account……this is HARAAM…dont take poor people money

  24. SBI , intentionally doing this for looting as well as intentionally wanted to customer base inorder to make less number of customers later they will understand and callof this , but what they dont understand is once they lost the credibility , they lost everything , except the banking employees none will be their as customers , brainless , SBI getting SELFDESTRUCTIVE MECHANISM BY GAINING TEMPORARY BENIFIT and also harming its employees losing thier jobs sooner or later

  25. Excess charge very high its west of money by the customer I hate this service charge ,what is the value of cashless transaction I thik its making people fool

  26. SBI walo ne to band baza kar rakhi hai,,,,,,, Just abhi 177 Rs. Kat liye a/c se DRS Charge laga diya….. Bhaiyo aap sabhi se nivedan hai es baar BJP Govt. Ko Vote mt dena Ham jese middle class logo ko nuksan ho raha hai…….. 2019 Main BJP Bhagao desh bachao…………

  27. I have debited from my Ac access fee excess drs Rs 365.80/- …I can’t understand what’s happing ? Plz retain my money to my Ac ..as soon as possible.. Becoz its my money .and its a PMSP Ac ..how can debit my money like this…..Plz check back and credit my money soon.

    1. I request you all the SBI customers please..leave the sbi account..use other…then sbi realised…its a nonsence rule for people

  28. Govt and banking sector are looting poor and middle class people….. Really Govt is for the Rich, by the Rich and of the Rich people…

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