How To Clear IBPS PO 2017 in Three Months

Yes, you can clear it in three months only. Even by planning any one can crack ibps po 2017 examination. You definitely can because I did too. IBPS Po 2017.

I was someone who had no idea what to do next, then I came across the PO notification, applied and then cleared it. So here I am sharing you my strategy.

For Prelims :

You have ample time for IBPS PO 2017, get your basics cleared first. In Prelims, questions are of easy to moderate level but here all you have to do is manage your time well because you have 100 question to solve in 60 min.

I did not take any coaching and this was my first attempt. You may take coaching if you want, but I believe self-preparation is the best option. You will know your strongest and the weakest part.

So coming to the modus operandi, buy some good books to clear your basics. I would suggest you buy Quicker Maths by M. Tyra for quants and for reasoning books are not just sufficient. You will always have to search for new pattern questions for reasoning and there are lot many sites and YouTube channels that can be helpful. BankersAdda is one such site where they upload practice questions on all the sections in a daily basis. Make the most out of this. Continue reading “How To Clear IBPS PO 2017 in Three Months”

How to Prepare English For IBPS PO 2017 Examination

In the changing pattern of Ibps Po 2017 exam, it is necessary to know how to prepare English for ibps po 2017 exam As there are mainly 3 areas which u need to focus on as far as the english section is concerned.



GRAMMAR (less imp though )

So for vocabulary, of course u can’t cram so many words at a time, its a slow learning process, but yes start from now if u are aiming ibps po. Learn through some tricks, funny ones, so that just by seeing that word, the meaning will hit you. And keep on revising it.

2. Comprehension– Newspaper is theonly saviour here, but make sure u read it on Laptop because that increases ur speed reading online, since u have to sit infront of computer ultimately. And also download GOOGLE CHROME DICTIONARY so that u don’t postpone when u it comes to finding meaning of new word. See it then and there and note it in the copy. Continue reading “How to Prepare English For IBPS PO 2017 Examination”

How To Prepare For SBI PO 2017

As we all know SBI has published notification for SBI PO 2017, and the exam date for SBI PO  Preliminary Examination is 30th April 2017. Regarding the Important date of SBI PO, you can check here. In this post, we are going to share how to prepare for SBI PO 2017 yourself.

SBI PO has now become a 3-stage process with the advent of the Prelims, Mains and GD-PI stages. Therefore each stage needs specialised treatment.

IBPS PO 2017 Notification has been out. check here

How To Prepare for SBI Prelims – / How To Prepare For SBI PO 2017

For English for SBI prelims go over the rules regarding sentences from Wren and Martin and read the Editorial of The Hindu on a daily basis. This should suffice. For Maths use any standard aptitude book. I used Quantum Cat by Sarvesh Verma. For Reasoning, I searched and learned all the topics from Internet. You can also use any standard book like R.S.Agarwal or BSC publications books.

As Prelims exam is starting from last week of April means candidates have less than 80 days from today i.e., 06-02-2017 for preparation, so the main focus should be on how to prepare within this time frame and for this one have to make better subject wise planning with the positive attitude. And then how they are going to approach the exam.


  • For English

As the cumulative time period for Prelims is just 1 hour, you can’t afford to give more than 10mins to this section. Ten questions will be from Reading Comprehension out of which four will be vocab based questions. Skip reading the whole article, just do the four vocab based questions and move over. Also, skip the Para jumbles as they are highly treacherous by nature.But POSITIVELY ATTEMPT all the remaining questions which will be from Errors, Cloze Test, Fill in the blanks. So 19 questions in <10mins.

  • For Math 

Solve the quadratic ( 5 questions) first. They are very easy. Then move on to the series questions(5). Give each question 30 secs. If you are not able to find out the series logic within that, move on. Then go to the DI section(10 questions). There will be 2 DIs. Attempt both or the easier one. Then move to the Arithmetic questions. Attempt 7–8 out of the 10. They will be based on topics such as Averages, Ratio & Proportion, Profit & Loss, Time Speed and Distance, Time and Work, Mensuration. If there is time left do 2–3 simplifications. Give this entire section 25–30 mins. Attempt 20.

So you would have attempted 55–60 questions in 1 hour. Always remember there is no extra credit in topping the Prelims. You just have to cross the cutoff. The cutoff generally hovers in the 45–48 region and is totally dependent upon that year’s paper. Last year cut off was  47.5 (2016 paper)

  • For Reasoning

Coding-Decoding and syllogisms are now missing conspicuously from this section. So be wary of this. The crux of this section is Puzzles (Linear+Circular Seating Arrangement, three variable sorting, Floor sorting, etc). Expect 20–25 questions from these. But be very careful. Puzzles can easily eat up a lot of time if you get stuck in them. So move on to other questions if you are unable to solve them. Also, there would be ten questions from Inequalities, Direction Test, Blood Relations. Do them as they are usually easy pickings. Give this entire section 20–25 mins. Attempt 15–20

In this post, we have shared How To Prepare For SBI PO 2017, especially for Preliminary Examination. In next post, we will share subject wise planning for Preliminary Examination. if you have any query regarding SBI PO exam then feel free to comment below.