How to Prepare English For IBPS PO 2017 Examination

In the changing pattern of Ibps Po 2017 exam, it is necessary to know how to prepare English for ibps po 2017 exam As there are mainly 3 areas which u need to focus on as far as the english section is concerned.



GRAMMAR (less imp though )

So for vocabulary, of course u can’t cram so many words at a time, its a slow learning process, but yes start from now if u are aiming ibps po. Learn through some tricks, funny ones, so that just by seeing that word, the meaning will hit you. And keep on revising it.

2. Comprehension– Newspaper is theonly saviour here, but make sure u read it on Laptop because that increases ur speed reading online, since u have to sit infront of computer ultimately. And also download GOOGLE CHROME DICTIONARY so that u don’t postpone when u it comes to finding meaning of new word. See it then and there and note it in the copy. Continue reading “How to Prepare English For IBPS PO 2017 Examination”