How to Prepare English For IBPS PO 2017 Examination

In the changing pattern of Ibps Po 2017 exam, it is necessary to know how to prepare English for ibps po 2017 exam As there are mainly 3 areas which u need to focus on as far as the english section is concerned.



GRAMMAR (less imp though )

So for vocabulary, of course u can’t cram so many words at a time, its a slow learning process, but yes start from now if u are aiming ibps po. Learn through some tricks, funny ones, so that just by seeing that word, the meaning will hit you. And keep on revising it.

2. Comprehension– Newspaper is theonly saviour here, but make sure u read it on Laptop because that increases ur speed reading online, since u have to sit infront of computer ultimately. And also download GOOGLE CHROME DICTIONARY so that u don’t postpone when u it comes to finding meaning of new word. See it then and there and note it in the copy.

If u don’t understand any editorial, give it 1 reading and go to youtube, there is one channel called ONLY IAS, it gives the analysis of all the editorials in 30 mins (THE HINDU only) so understand the theme of that article and come back to the newspaper and now understand it in a better way.

It might take ur some time, but remember that u need to make english strong because SECTIONAL cut off is there and also if ur eng is strong, u can clear resoning sectional cutoff easily because nowadays they are giving such difficult puzzles which very few can solve, so if u are good at eng, u can solve atleast LOGICAL ones.

Therefore make comprehension part strong.

3. Grammar– not as important as it is for ssc exams. Still if u are not at all good in english section, and grammar is pathetic, then u can buy those S.P.bakshi’s books on grammar. But don’t go too deep, just knowthe structure of sentences because in banking exams the more helpful weapon is Newspaper.

Apart from all these, u can buy VERBAL ABILITY book of ARUN SHARMA for CAT exams. Because banks are literally copying most of the questions directly from CAT PREVIOUS YEARS PAPERS. So buy that book and focus on part 2 of that book which has vocabulary section, paragraph completion, error finding ones. By going through the above article How to  Prepare English For IBPS PO 2017 Examination you must have planned your strategy. Good luck for the exam.

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