Finance Bill 2017 Amendments All You Need To Know

The Finance Bill, 2017  what it means to you and what you should know about it. Finance Bill 2017 came along with a number of new legislation and was passed on March 22.

One of the new legislation that is not being appreciated is that Income Tax officers can now raid homes without having to provide any reason for it and attach properties only if they have ‘reason to believe’ that it is undisclosed income. This is a draconian law and can easily be used to inflict losses on a business/person. Can we really trust our income tax officials this much?

You will now need your Aadhaar card for filing your income tax returns. It will also be mandatory to link your Aadhaar card to your PAN card, or the latter will become invalid after July 1, 2017. 

With the Finance Bill, 2017, people can make use of the ‘electoral bonds’ to donate to political parties anonymously. that’s the hypocrisy of the government and just not in line with the thought process they are using to link everything with Aadhar

The Bill has also removed the cap of how much one (or a company) can donate to a political party. Again, seriously?

Finance Bill, 2017 also brings down the threshold limit of cash payments from Rs 3 lakhs to Rs 2 lakhs. so linked bank accounts, phone numbers provide them all the data on my spending and usage, no robust cyber security infrastructure in place either Continue reading “Finance Bill 2017 Amendments All You Need To Know”

Best Debt Funds For Investment in 2017 India Top Ten Debt Funds

A debt fund is a type of mutual fund that invests in fixed income securities like bonds, etc. Debt mutual funds mainly invest in a mix of debt or fixed income securities like Government securities, Treasury bills, Corporate bonds, etc. Debt funds are preferred by those who are looking for steady income with relatively lower risks, as its comparatively less volatile than equities. Before selecting the best debt funds to invest, it is important to know the benefits of investing in debt mutual funds. Continue reading “Best Debt Funds For Investment in 2017 India Top Ten Debt Funds”

SBI PO 2017 How I Cracked SBI PO Reasoning Aptitude Preparation 10 Ways

How I Cracked SBI PO Exam while just studying 4 hours a day for 3 months along with a 10-hour job which consumed a lot of my energy and made it into the blue corridors of this banking behemoth. Here are my cents for cracking this examination. I am sharing writing 10 ten ways to crack qualify sbi po exam which is just going to happen in next month. you have to follow just these simple step by step 10 guidelines after that you will be able to crack sbi po exam.

i) Avoid static GK completely. Learn the concept of opportunity cost and you will get a lot of clarity behind this hack of mine.
ii) Quantitative Aptitude section is majorly about Data Interpretation cases. Become quick in simple calculations and it will save you a lot of time in the main examination.
iii) Learn tables, square roots and cube roots. For bigger numbers, learn the tricks from YouTube to calculate it real fast. Remember, a second saved is a second earned.
iv) For every subject, focus more on quality rather than quantity.
v) Revise GK Capsules for last three months after prelims results are out. Don’t just cram the bullets, dig deep into them and go through every point again and again.
vi) Clarity of mind is extremely essential during the exam. I was clear about focusing on accuracy and thought about nothing else during the mains exam.
vii) Give a lot of mocks. And give them as if you are appearing for the real examination. It will eliminate a lot of problems that you might face on D-day.
viii) Solve a lot of time bound quizzes. It will keep a good check on your speed and accuracy.
Play it smart. You can not master every topic in the syllabus.
ix) During preparation, don’t think about how much others are studying. Their preparation is beyond your control.
Don’t waste time picking up a grammar book and cramming all the rules. Rather give time to reading, consume a lot of articles daily and it will have compounding effects over a period of time.
x) Do not reveal about your preparation to anybody, most importantly, relatives. This way you will be away from all the negativity and bullshit failure stories that they preach.
Read a lot of banking awareness and get into minute details of every topic.
Remember, the battle rests inside the mind. Condition it for success and things will work out your way.

All the best.

What is the key to confidence

Today we are going to share What is the key to confidence by some examples. As most of the readers of this blog are students those we are preparing for banking exams. This is going to help them All.

Imagine that you are asked to lift a weight of 40 kg by your teacher.

If you are an ordinary person, you would find lifting this weight quite difficult and even impossible.

However, if you are a professional weightlifter, you may even lift this weight even by one hand without much effort.

                 key to confidence

We develop confidence when we feel that we can do the job better than others.

When we feel inferior to others, we lose confidence.

When you are going to attend an important meeting and you are not adequately prepared for it, there is no way you can be confident.

You improve your confidence by doing better preparation for the work.

The best way to be confident is to:-

  • Acquire more knowledge of the subject
  • Develop better skills by more practice
  • Rehearse well before any important meetings or presentation
  • Develop better command on your language to speak well in gathering
  • Remember and practice interesting stories and jokes to entertain people
  • Dress appropriately for the occasion

Don’t try to fake confidence to fool others.

Develop real confidence by developing yourself.

How Do Bank Works Know about CRR SLR REPO RATE

In this Post, i am going to share how  do Bank works actually.  After going through this post one Can really understand about CRR, SLR, REPO RATE, REVERSE REPO RATE

Son: I have heard recently that Mr Urjit Patel has reduced Repo Rate by 50 basis points and everyone is saying that this is good for the market. Loan EMI may also come down. What is this rate cut means actually? I want to understand this.
Dad: To understand this you first need to know, how does a bank function. How Do Bank Works.
Son: Why?
Dad: Because all these are inter-related. Tell me – what does a bank do?
Son: Bank takes money from depositors and gives the loan to earn interest. That way they keep everyone happy and make a profit also.
Dad: Correct, but there are more to it. Let me explain this in a very simplistic way. The bank needs money. Bank can get money from depositors like you and me and also from RBI. But the bank also needs to pay certain interest to us and also to RBI.
Son: Ok.
Dad: Let us try to understand first – what happens when we deposit, say, Rs. 100 with a bank.
Son: I know that. Bank gives that Rs. 100 to someone who needs a loan.
Dad: No, it is not that simple. Remember, though the bank can earn interest by giving away loans, but it is also very risky. There are many cases of loan defaults. This way banks can put all our money into high-risk areas. It has to be protected.
Son: How?
Dad: Ok, RBI has made it mandatory that upon receiving, say, Rs. 100 – banks first have to deposit Rs. 4 with RBI. RBI keeps this Rs. 4 in its current a/c and hence banks do not receive any interest on this money. This is known as Cash Reserve Ratio or CRR, which is currently at 4%.
Son: Hmmm, then? Continue reading “How Do Bank Works Know about CRR SLR REPO RATE”

What Is Bharat Qr Code App How to Download and Use

Bharat QR Code is India’s new digital payment system. Bharat QR Code is going to make PoS terminals and card swipe machines redundant. In this post, we are going to share how it works and everything else you want to know about Bharat QR Code.

What is Bharat QR Code App and From Where TO Download. 

The government of India has been making a big push for digital payments since demonetization of old currency notes. In a move to promote Digital payment system and encourage cashless transactions, the government of India has introduced Unified Payments Interface (UPI) for smartphones, and Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) based mobile banking for basic and feature phones. The government has also introduced Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM) app, which is a unified UPI app, and Aadhaar Pay that enables you to make cashless money using Aadhaar card and your fingerprint for biometric authentication. Now, to further ease the payments process, the government has introduced Bharat QR Code for cashless electronics transactions.

Over the past few months after the move of demonetization, a lot of people have moved on from making cash based transactions to cashless transactions using various mode of payments like credit and debit cards. However, this mode of electronic payment for cashless transactions has strings attached regarding transaction fees and the cost of owning and running the card swipe machines.

With Bharat QR Code, the government has taken yet another step to promote digital payments by simplifying things for merchants and also for the consumers. Let’s dive in a little deeper to understand what is Bharat QR Code all about, how it works and what are the benefits.

A look at current QR Code-based payments

The QR code-based payments are accepted by most merchants across India, but they are largely closed systems. Visa is a pioneer in QR Code payments, and it has already launched mVisa in India a year-and-a-half ago. Last year, DTH operator TataSky had partnered with Visa to allow and accept QR code-based payments from its subscribers. In fact, mVisa is the widely accepted payment option across the globe. Continue reading “What Is Bharat Qr Code App How to Download and Use”

How To Prepare For IBPS PO 2017 Exam Without Coaching

In this post, we are going to post about preparation tips regarding How To Prepare For IBPS PO 2017 Exam Without Coaching. If you will follow the guide then you will abe able to crack ibps po exam in first attempt only. so let us start. IBPS PO 2017 DATE notifications have been out so there is six month time left for the preparation. Six Month is more than sufficient for cracking ibps po exam. Given the dramatic changes in pattern and syllabus, you’ll need a hell lot of practice and a calm mind.

Now, if you are starting from the scratch For IBPS PO 2017 Exam

Get books and solve them without searching for shortcuts online. Quantum CAT by Sarvesh Kumar and English by SP Bakshi will be enough. MK Pandey can be referred for reasoning but I don’t feel it as sufficient. Try to solve each and every question without any time limit. You should be able to solve CAT-level questions too if the time limit is removed. Once you are comfortable solving questions of all the difficulty levels in the book, go for mock tests. This is the most important stage. Now your knowledge will be tested for implementation. In mock tests, you’ll have to do few things. Try to increase speed and reduce the time taken to solve questions.

There will be questions which will be tough enough to waste your time. So you’ll have to find out which ones are worth attempting in a given time limit and which one to skip. This is the difference between high scoring candidates and highly intelligent candidates scoring low or average. People take questions on ego and keep solving until they get it correct irrespective of the fact that it cost you almost 3 more correct questions.

Accuracy. Blind guesses just to increase your number of attempts won’t help. Try to answer only those questions which you solve or know the correct answer. This is going to surely help in cracking IBPS PO 2017 Exam

Almost after solving an adequate number of mocks, you’ll be able to find which questions are easy and should be attempted first, and which ones to be kept for the end. Continue reading “How To Prepare For IBPS PO 2017 Exam Without Coaching”

IBPS PO 2017 Notification Out Apply here.

IBPS has released notification regarding IBPS PO 2017 their 2017-18 tentative dates for their examinations. Prospective candidates will have to apply to after carefully reading the advertisement regarding the process of examinations and interview, eligibility criteria, online registration processes, payment of prescribed application fee intimation charges, the pattern of examination, issuance of call letters, etc. and ensure that they fulfil the stipulated criteria and follow the prescribed processes.

Important Dates for IBPS PO 2017 is as follows.

                   Activity                                                                                                                          Date

  • On-line registration                                                                                        07-06-2017 to 06-08-2017 tentative dates
  • Download of call letters for online Preliminary Examination                    15-08-2017 tentative dates
  • Online Preliminary Examination                                                                  07-10-2017, 08-10-2017, 14-10-2017, 15-10-2017
  • Result of online Exam
  • Mains exam date                                                                                               26-11-2017
  • Declaration of results                                                                                       10-12-2007 tentative dates
  • Download call letter for interview                                                                  19-12-2017 tentative dates

ELIGIBLITYCRITERIA FOR IBPS PO 2017:- Continue reading “IBPS PO 2017 Notification Out Apply here.”