Download Hdfc Upi App Chillr

Hdfc Chillr AppAs we all know HDFC Bank is also in the list of upi enabled banks. instead of going its own HDFC upi app hdfc has tied up with chillr app which is third party upi app but support all the upi enabled banks and its one of the most trusted and relaibale than any other upi app. Not only hdfc bank of india has also tied up with chillr app. chillr app is one of the best user interface and too easy to use. In Chillr app you don’t have to add funds like paytm freecharge or any other upi app.

Download Hdfc Upi App Chillr

HDFC upi app Chillr banks directly on mobile money interface mmid. First you have to download it from google play sote clik here to download hdfc upi app chillr. HDFC customer should have their mobile register with the bank and that shoud be in sim 1 slot in the smartphone in which you are going to use chillr application. As it requires auto authentication in which it sends sms from your sim 1 phone and that sms will be get verified with chillr app then from their they fetch data from hdfc banks and here it will provide the mmid of your all account  number which has been linked to your mobile number. There can be various mmid and it will fetch all mmid and you are free to transfer funds from that app to any one without adding funds to your wallet. Chillr app will directly credit or debit your account as per your instructions and it will not keep your hard earned money in their wallet. That’s why chillr app is one of the best app and it has been promoted by hdfc also so there is no trust issue or security problem.  we have also shared post about sbi upi app sbi pay . In next post we will share pnb upi app which has been launched by pnb only.


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