How To Clear IBPS PO 2017 in Three Months

Yes, you can clear it in three months only. Even by planning any one can crack ibps po 2017 examination. You definitely can because I did too. IBPS Po 2017.

I was someone who had no idea what to do next, then I came across the PO notification, applied and then cleared it. So here I am sharing you my strategy.

For Prelims :

You have ample time for IBPS PO 2017, get your basics cleared first. In Prelims, questions are of easy to moderate level but here all you have to do is manage your time well because you have 100 question to solve in 60 min.

I did not take any coaching and this was my first attempt. You may take coaching if you want, but I believe self-preparation is the best option. You will know your strongest and the weakest part.

So coming to the modus operandi, buy some good books to clear your basics. I would suggest you buy Quicker Maths by M. Tyra for quants and for reasoning books are not just sufficient. You will always have to search for new pattern questions for reasoning and there are lot many sites and YouTube channels that can be helpful. BankersAdda is one such site where they upload practice questions on all the sections in a daily basis. Make the most out of this.

For Quants, try to find out your strongest areas. I knew that Average, Ratio Proportion, Time work, Speed Distance and Percentage were some of my strongest areas, so all I did was practice these topics thoroughly, from easy questions to the difficult ones. And for the other remaining topics, I just acquainted myself with the formulas and some short cut tricks. See the thing is all you get is just 60 mins, so why waste your time on things you are not sure. Rather utilize it on the things that you know well and can be sure that the problems that you’re attempting will be 100% correct.

For Reasoning, all you have to do is practice.

English will be easy if you have a regular habit of reading newspaper and have a good vocabulary.

The sequence in which you attempt the sections matters most.

First, attempt the section in which you’re strongest. The reasoning was my strong area so I attempted it first. Again here too comes the art of answering selective questions. For prelims, you can focus on inequalities because there are always 5 questions from that section, circular arrangement, blood relation, puzzles, syllogisms. I left the Machine Input Output part because it was really very time-consuming. Make sure you spend not more than 20 mins here.

Next, I went for quants. I spent another 20 mins here and solved only selected questions.

Finally, I moved to English section, and I almost completed it around 10 mins. The remaining 10 mins, I used it to solve the questions that I had left in the previous sections. I am not that strong in DI, so I devoted the last 10 mins to DI.

Mock tests are the must. Buy Upkar’s Practice sets. It’s quite helpful and has very quality questions.

Accuracy matters. So make sure you attempt the questions that you are confident of.

The advantage of answering selectively in Prelims:

Mathematics for ibps po 2017.

Approximation: 5 Marks

Simplification: 5 Marks

DI: 5 marks ( assuming you attempt at least 5 questions accurately from 2 sets of DI having 5 questions each)

Other topics: 5–10 marks

So here you’re scoring 20–25 marks which is more than enough to clear the section cut off.

Reasoning for ibps po 2017

Syllogisms : 3–5 marks ( out of 5 syllogisms question, 3 will be easy to moderate, while the other 2 will be a little difficult)

Inequality: 5 marks ( this is the most scoring of all questions in reasoning)

Blood Relation: 1–2 marks ( if questions are individually asked)

Circular Arrangement: 5 marks

Puzzles: 5 marks

So here you are scoring 19–22 marks.

English for ibps po 2017

You can easily score more than 20 marks out of the 30 in this section.

So overall you’re scoring around 59–67 marks just by selective answering, provided you are maintaining accuracy. Plus if you attempt some more questions in the remaining time, then it will boost this score.

And with this mark, you can definitely clear prelims because cut off can at max go high till 55–58 but not more than that.

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