Lists Of UPI Enabled Banks in India with Best security

Lists Of UPI Enabled Banks in India with Best Security: As RBI have asked each and every bank in India to be UPI enabled Banks. As UPI will be the future of cashless payments in India. In this post we are going to share list of upi enabled banks As we have already shared about Unified Payment Interface (UPI), It is a system that powers multiple bank accounts into a single mobile application (of any participating bank), like chillr which is for bank of India, merging several banking features, like unlimited fund transfer from one bank to another bank and payments of various merchants into one single platform.

UPI enabled banks
list of upi enabled banks

As of 30th December 2016, following banks are UPI enabled Banks. Lists are below. Continue reading “Lists Of UPI Enabled Banks in India with Best security”

How To Download Sbi UPI Bank App

SBI PAY the UPI App of SBI.

After yes bank Upi App and Hdfc upi app sbi has also came with its sbi pay and trust me its better than any other upi app available in the maket by any other bank. the pay and collect process is sbi pay is much eassier and better than any other upi app of other banks. Sbi has kept the name of its app little confusing they sholud have kept description in the n

sbi pay

ame title UPI  either as a prefix or suffix. if you will search on google then you will not get sbi upi app.

As we all know UPI is short form of unified payment interface and it can be integrated on any banking app even the one who has not smartphone and internet connection they can also use upi for fund transfer.

UPI was launched by rbi npci and all banks in pune during gyan sangam meet and it was headed by our prime minister and ex rbi governor raghu ram rajan. SBI is very late in the list to came with its own upi app. firstly they avoided the upi app but now as we know this is the future of payment system in india so some what sbi came with its app sbi pay finally. Continue reading “How To Download Sbi UPI Bank App”