Fee Excess DRS Charges, How to Avoid Fee Excess DRS Charges in SBI

we have already discussed Fee Excess DRS Charges in  SBI. In this post, we are going to write how to avoid FEE Excess DRS charges in SBI.

First of all kindly note that once the amount has been debited with having remarks FEE Excess DRS Charges then it’s non-refundable as at the time of account opening you have signed and accepted all the terms and conditions of sbi including their value added services i.e. vas charges.

If you Perform 4 debit transaction in your SBI Parent branch then its totally free but for that, you have to maintain minimum average quarterly balance.if you are making the debit transaction more than 4 times from your home branch or over 40 debit transaction from your internet banking then the bank will charge FEE Excess DRS charges from your account on basis of transaction performed by you. And also kindly note that this amount is non-refundable amount.

Also, note that if you are not performing your transaction from your parent branch then once you have crossed 20 debit transaction through internet banking or debit card bank will again charge FEE Excess DRS Charge from your bank account. And FEE Excess DRS charge amount can be high or low it depends upon the number of transactions made by you in that respective month. So by maintaining average quarterly balance in SBI we can minimise or avoid the fee excess charges. Or just open saving account in any other nationalised banks. DRS full form is, sbi drs full from.

Excess DRS charges are Rs 6 per transactions on each online transactions.

Rs 0-1000 => 20 online transactions
Rs 1000-25000 => 40 online transactions
Rs 25000 and above => Unlimited

Per excess transactions chargeable @Rs 6 per online transaction and @Rs 23 per atm transaction

Kindly also check this post how sbi is calculating DRS Charges

What Is Excess DRS Charges in State Bank Of India

Also by having a current account, we can avoid fee excess drs charges in SBI. For More Details feel free to comment here or call State Bank Of India 24×7 call centre number 18004253800 (Toll-Free) or Contact your parent branch.

Sbi Minimum Balance Charges, All You Need to Know (Effective from 1st April)

SBI New Rules, SBI Minimum Balance Charges, RBI Rtgs Charges All You Need to Know: Authorities of State Bank of India (SBI) has also formulated the SBI New Rules From April 2017 after a gap of five years. State Bank of India will be implementing the changes they announced a month back.

Authorities of State Bank of India(SBI) has also formulated the SBI New Rules From April 2017 after a gap of five years.

SBI account holders are advised to have a glance at theFrom April 2017, Service Charges Minimum Balance, ATM Fee from here To Be Implemented From April 1st onwards to be on the safe side.

Unlimited SBI ATM use without any charges, If you maintain 25000/- in your SBI savings account.

Unlimited SBI & OTHER BANK ATM use without any charges If you maintain 100000/- in your SBI savings account.

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SBI PO 2017 How I Cracked SBI PO Reasoning Aptitude Preparation 10 Ways

How I Cracked SBI PO Exam while just studying 4 hours a day for 3 months along with a 10-hour job which consumed a lot of my energy and made it into the blue corridors of this banking behemoth. Here are my cents for cracking this examination. I am sharing writing 10 ten ways to crack qualify sbi po exam which is just going to happen in next month. you have to follow just these simple step by step 10 guidelines after that you will be able to crack sbi po exam.

i) Avoid static GK completely. Learn the concept of opportunity cost and you will get a lot of clarity behind this hack of mine.
ii) Quantitative Aptitude section is majorly about Data Interpretation cases. Become quick in simple calculations and it will save you a lot of time in the main examination.
iii) Learn tables, square roots and cube roots. For bigger numbers, learn the tricks from YouTube to calculate it real fast. Remember, a second saved is a second earned.
iv) For every subject, focus more on quality rather than quantity.
v) Revise GK Capsules for last three months after prelims results are out. Don’t just cram the bullets, dig deep into them and go through every point again and again.
vi) Clarity of mind is extremely essential during the exam. I was clear about focusing on accuracy and thought about nothing else during the mains exam.
vii) Give a lot of mocks. And give them as if you are appearing for the real examination. It will eliminate a lot of problems that you might face on D-day.
viii) Solve a lot of time bound quizzes. It will keep a good check on your speed and accuracy.
Play it smart. You can not master every topic in the syllabus.
ix) During preparation, don’t think about how much others are studying. Their preparation is beyond your control.
Don’t waste time picking up a grammar book and cramming all the rules. Rather give time to reading, consume a lot of articles daily and it will have compounding effects over a period of time.
x) Do not reveal about your preparation to anybody, most importantly, relatives. This way you will be away from all the negativity and bullshit failure stories that they preach.
Read a lot of banking awareness and get into minute details of every topic.
Remember, the battle rests inside the mind. Condition it for success and things will work out your way.

All the best.

SBI Po Salary After Bank Wage Revision 11th bipartite settlement

As after SBI Po 2017 notifications, a lot of members were asking about current sbi po salary structure and what will be the salary of po after 11th bipartite settlement. SBI has four advance increment at the time of joining only. it has also a lot of other reimbursements like entertainment expenses, medical expenses, cleaning material, petrol expenses, newspaper expenses and lots of other reimbursements also.

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SBI PO Salary Structure

Current Starting Basic Pay: ₹ 27,620/– (with 4 advance increments)
Pay Scale: 23700-980/7-30560-1145/2-32850-1310/7-42020
Grade: Junior Management Grade Scale-I
Total Compensation: Total compensation per annum would be a minimum of ₹7.55 lakhs and the maximum of ₹12.93 lakhs depending on the place of posting and other factors. This means that an entry level SBI Probationary Officer in a city like Mumbai could earn over ₹1 lakh a month.

SBI PO Salary Allowances

SBI PO’s are eligible for reimbursement of various perquisites, PF, Gratuity, Pension under New Pension Scheme (Defined Contribution Benefit Scheme), Medical, Leave fare and other facilities, as per the instructions of the Bank issued from time to time.

So SBI spends about 65k- 100k on its PO right at the time of joining. Besides this, you can avail 1.2lac worth of furniture, all your medical bill reimbursements and 12k every year as entertainment allowance. So overall SBI PO Salary Structure lies between 7.55 – 12.93 Lakhs.

What Is Excess DRS Charges in State Bank Of India

State Bank of India has recently introduced  the Transactions based charges (by PBBU) & ATM related transactions (by Alternate Channels Department) which is effective from 01-01-2017. Due to this  Customers are getting their account debited by state bank of India with remarks Excess DRS Charges in their account statement. in this post we are going to share What Is Fee Excess DRS Charges in State Bank Of India.

FEE Excess DRS Charges or Transaction based charges has been categorised on the basis of.

ii)   BALANCE Savings Bank
iii)  Transactions Charge:
iv)  Charges based on number of
v)   Transactions

Now Monthly limit on a number of debit transaction has been also fixed and then after its chargeable.

MONTHLY LIMIT ON NUMBER OF FREE ATM TRANSACTIONS (BOTH FINANCIAL AND NON-FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS) has been also fixed and then after its chargeable.  Continue reading “What Is Excess DRS Charges in State Bank Of India”

How To Prepare For SBI PO 2017

As we all know SBI has published notification for SBI PO 2017, and the exam date for SBI PO  Preliminary Examination is 30th April 2017. Regarding the Important date of SBI PO, you can check here. In this post, we are going to share how to prepare for SBI PO 2017 yourself.

SBI PO has now become a 3-stage process with the advent of the Prelims, Mains and GD-PI stages. Therefore each stage needs specialised treatment.

IBPS PO 2017 Notification has been out. check here

How To Prepare for SBI Prelims – / How To Prepare For SBI PO 2017

For English for SBI prelims go over the rules regarding sentences from Wren and Martin and read the Editorial of The Hindu on a daily basis. This should suffice. For Maths use any standard aptitude book. I used Quantum Cat by Sarvesh Verma. For Reasoning, I searched and learned all the topics from Internet. You can also use any standard book like R.S.Agarwal or BSC publications books.

As Prelims exam is starting from last week of April means candidates have less than 80 days from today i.e., 06-02-2017 for preparation, so the main focus should be on how to prepare within this time frame and for this one have to make better subject wise planning with the positive attitude. And then how they are going to approach the exam.


  • For English

As the cumulative time period for Prelims is just 1 hour, you can’t afford to give more than 10mins to this section. Ten questions will be from Reading Comprehension out of which four will be vocab based questions. Skip reading the whole article, just do the four vocab based questions and move over. Also, skip the Para jumbles as they are highly treacherous by nature.But POSITIVELY ATTEMPT all the remaining questions which will be from Errors, Cloze Test, Fill in the blanks. So 19 questions in <10mins.

  • For Math 

Solve the quadratic ( 5 questions) first. They are very easy. Then move on to the series questions(5). Give each question 30 secs. If you are not able to find out the series logic within that, move on. Then go to the DI section(10 questions). There will be 2 DIs. Attempt both or the easier one. Then move to the Arithmetic questions. Attempt 7–8 out of the 10. They will be based on topics such as Averages, Ratio & Proportion, Profit & Loss, Time Speed and Distance, Time and Work, Mensuration. If there is time left do 2–3 simplifications. Give this entire section 25–30 mins. Attempt 20.

So you would have attempted 55–60 questions in 1 hour. Always remember there is no extra credit in topping the Prelims. You just have to cross the cutoff. The cutoff generally hovers in the 45–48 region and is totally dependent upon that year’s paper. Last year cut off was  47.5 (2016 paper)

  • For Reasoning

Coding-Decoding and syllogisms are now missing conspicuously from this section. So be wary of this. The crux of this section is Puzzles (Linear+Circular Seating Arrangement, three variable sorting, Floor sorting, etc). Expect 20–25 questions from these. But be very careful. Puzzles can easily eat up a lot of time if you get stuck in them. So move on to other questions if you are unable to solve them. Also, there would be ten questions from Inequalities, Direction Test, Blood Relations. Do them as they are usually easy pickings. Give this entire section 20–25 mins. Attempt 15–20

In this post, we have shared How To Prepare For SBI PO 2017, especially for Preliminary Examination. In next post, we will share subject wise planning for Preliminary Examination. if you have any query regarding SBI PO exam then feel free to comment below.

Sbi Po recruitment 2017 Apply Online

SBI has released notification regarding  SBI PO recruitment 2017. The application process for applying begins from 7th February 2017. All the eligible candidates have to register themselves by going through official SBI website. Any eligible candidate, who aspires to join State Bank of India as a Probationary Officer, is required to register on-line for the Recruitment Process. The examination will be held in two phases preliminary and main. Candidates who will qualify in preliminary examination and shortlisted will have to appear for the Main Examination, and shortlisted candidates in the main examination will subsequently be called for a Group Exercises & Interview.

Read here, How to Prepare For SBI PO in less than two months

SBI PO 2017
SBI PO 2017

Prospective candidates will have to apply to after carefully reading the advertisement regarding the process
of examinations and interview, eligibility criteria, online registration processes, payment of prescribed
application fee/ intimation charges, the pattern of examination, issuance of call letters, etc. and ensure that they
fulfil the stipulated criteria and follow the prescribed processes.


Important Dates for SBI PO 2017 is as follows. 

 Activity                                                                                                             Date

  • On-line registration including Edit/Modification of                                   07-02-2017 to 06-03-2017                                           Application by candidates
  • Download of call letters for online Preliminary Examination                     15-04-2017
  • Online Preliminary Examination                                                                     29-04-17 & 30-04-17, 6-05-17 & 07-05-17
  • Result of online Exam                                                                                       17-05-2017
  • Download Admit card for SBI main exam                                                      22-05-2017
  • Mains exam date                                                                                                04-06-2017
  • Declaration of results                                                                                        19-06-17
  • Download call letter for interview                                                                  26-06-2017


(A) Essential Academic Qualifications: (AS ON 01.07.2017)
Graduation in any discipline from a recognised University or any equivalent qualification recognised as such by
the Central Government. Those who are in the Final year/Semester of their Graduation may also apply
provisionally subject to the condition that, if called for an interview, they will have to produce proof of having passed
the graduation examination on or before 01.07.2017. Candidates having integrated dual degree (IDD) certificate
should ensure that the date of passing the IDD is on or before 01.07.2017. Candidates possessing qualification of
Chartered Accountant may also apply. Continue reading “Sbi Po recruitment 2017 Apply Online”

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana 2017 Housing For All

House is one of the basic needs of any family. Everybody has a dream to live in his own house. Here lies a question that a person who does not have a good amount of money at particular time has no right to see dreams. Should he stop dreaming, No because there is a solution for thee queries. Government of india has launched a new scheme “pradhan mantri Awas Yojana” to convert is dreams in to reality. Pradhan mantri awas yojana  is a vision of prime minister narendra modi of india where all facilites will be provided in pone place.

Mission Of PMAY 2017 

The mission of the scheme is being implemented     

during 2015-22 and provide central assistance to Urban Local Bodies and other implementing agencies through states / UTs for.

  1.  “In Situ” Rehabilitation of existing slum dwellers using land as a resource through private participation.
  2. Credit Linked Subsidy
  3. Affordable housing in partnership.
  4. Subsidy for beneficiary led individual house construction enhancement.

Objectives of PMAY 2017 

A comprehensive mission of PMAY pradhan mantri awas yojana 2017 Housing schemes aims to create :

  1. Affordable homes with water connection, toilet facilities, 24*7 electricity supply and complete access.
  2. 20 million house to be built across nations length and breadth.
  3. Targetting the lower income group (LIG) and Economically weaker section of our society (EWS), basically the urban poor by the year 2022.
  4. 2 million non – slum urban poor households are proposed to be covered under the mission.

Coverage Purpose and Rate Of Interest Under PMAY 2017 – Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana 2017. Continue reading “Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana 2017 Housing For All”