How To Get Bank MMID

In This Post We are going to share How to Get Bank MMID of Different Banks. like SBI MMID Hdfc MMID what is the use of MMID in banking and how mmid in sbi works. There are various way developed by npci and rbi to generate the mmid. like generation of mmid through internet banking ussd or by simply visiting the branch any one can generate his mmid in sbi / banks. In our previous posts we have already shared what is MMID so we are not going on that topic again you can read that topic  by visiting the link.

Generation of bank MMID Via Internet Banking: we are giving example of net banking of bank of india. the same can be also generated by other banks internet banking by following some simple procedures.
Log in to Internet Banking first then click on Requests then click on USSD requests then click on enroll for ussd based mobile banking facility.
View MMID Via Registered Mobile Number:
Dial *99# from your mobile number registered with BOI Enter bank short name: BOI .Select option 6. Show MMID (if you have multiple accounts, multiple MMIDs will be shown – keep note of the MMID of the a/c you want to use.) Continue reading “How To Get Bank MMID”

How Does Chillr App Works

Chillr is a smartphone application that allows immediate transfer of money to friends in your phone book in an easy & secure manner. Go Cash Less, install and use Chillr on your Mobile.
Chillr has partnered with several nationalised public sector banks along with private sector banks. Chillr works on UPI Platform and its one of the most secured android app avalible in the google play store.
In this post we are going to share how it works with taking eg. og bank of india. As recently bank of india has partenered with chillr app.
Functions of Chillr Application 
     SEND: Instant Fund Transfer between Bank Account (present limit Rs.5000/- per day)
     Collect: Request money from relatives/friends or customers
Scan and Pay: Pay at nearby Store, a web site or even a friend
     Recharge: Pay Bills, top up your mobile , DTH and More
History: Check out your transaction logs and status
     Invite: Spread your love for Chillr and go cashless

Continue reading “How Does Chillr App Works”

What is MMID Know All About MMID

What is MMID. how can any one get  MMID.  MMID Mobile Money Identifier is a seven digit random number issued by the bank after registration the first four digits are the unique identification number of the bank offering IMPS. Remitter (customer who wants to send money) and Beneficiary (customer who wants to receive the money) should have MMID for doing inter bank funds transfer. In case if the customer has more than one account linked to his / her mobile number, the bank will allocate a mobile money identifier for each account of the mobile banking customer. how does he select the account from which he / she intends to pay?
The customer can select the account using this MMID allocated to him/her. The combination of mobile number and MMID helps as a mistake proofing step for the remitter and tries to mitigate the risk of wrong credit incase the remitter enters erroneous mobile number. Continue reading “What is MMID Know All About MMID”