Bhim Boi UPI: UPI Payment App By Bank Of India Review Download

Bhim Boi UPI App is the latest app developed by Bank Of India and its based on UPI for instant fund transfer to any bank account, any UPI address, Aadhar Card or Mobile.

In Bhim BOI UPI App you can use Bank of India as well as other bank accounts to register in the app and link bank accounts. you will be able to pay and receive the money to anyone either on UPI platform or with ifsc code and account number. All you need is their UPI address i.e. virtual identity.

How to Download BOI BHIM UPI App on android?

you can download the boi bhim upi app directly from google store. Bank of India has developed it with help and support of NPCI.


What are the requirements for using BOI BHIM UPI App?

A customer should have following things.

  1.  An Android phone with internet services.
  2. An operative bank account.
  3. The mobile number which you are going to register with UPIapp should be linked with your operative bank account.
  4. Active Debit card linked with operating account to create UPI PIN. UPI Pin will be created after you provide last six digits of your debit card number following with card valid up to date. Then your operative bank will send OTP which will either detected by your phone or you have to enter it manually. After verifying the OTP Boi Bhim App will let you set the four digit of UPI PIN which will be used for the transaction through your account or for knowing balance.

Features Review of BHIM BOI UPI App:-

Any customer can use the BHIM BOI UPI App to make payments from their mobile to anyone without knowing the recipient’s bank details. you can add multiple bank accounts on BHIIM BOI UPI App. Fund transfer is available on 24*7 and its free of cost and in a completely safe and secure way. You can also check the balance of your linked accounts right from the Bhim boi upi app.

You can Directly Download it from Play Store. Click here to download.

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