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Download  Bhim App from here Experience and Review of bhim app after two days of use.

Today’s government and today’s generation think every thing runs on app by sitting at home. Things didn’t work and change like that only. We the people of India read Sawach Bahart every where, talk about it but always throw garbage on the roads. If we were so intelligent then Government need not to hire celebrities to teach nation where to shit.

BHIM App has multiple issues of security and bugs. (BHIM app is full of bugs; lacks support for most Indian languages)
BHIM App cant link with multiple Bank accounts.
Registration through BHIM App is not free. It will took 1.5 INR on each attempt and need minimum 10 Rs as balance. As it alsways shows error  like Error fetching bank account, device binding error.
Also It has been named after a great personality Bhim Rao Ambedkar. This will help the poor people to make online transaction just via their fingerprint. With the following points from an artice, it will be easy for a person to realise it essence: – At a Digi Dhan programme in New Delhi on Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched mobile payment app BHIM (Bharat Interface for Money).

The BHIM app is currently available on Play Store and is barely 2MB large app. So, it downloads very easily. TIP- Don’t search “BHIM” in Play Store. It will show Chhota Bheem games. Instead, search for “BHIM UPI”.
The UI of this app is very clean. It just asks for your mobile number with which your bank account is linked and done, your account is now connected with the BHIM app.
Further, it will ask you to set up a 4-digit unique pin called as “UPI PIN
After you are done with setting up the UPI PIN, your account is ready for transactions and you are allotted a payment address. You can use this payment address for receiving money OR you can also receive money by just giving your mobile number to the sender.
Now, the main page will have three options: Send, Request and Scan&Pay. For security purposes, you need to enter your UPI PIN every time you open the app.

BHIM App Review After two days of use.

This is a great app with a very clean UI and all the essential features required for going cashless. It can replace all the mobile wallets if used properly.

a) Bharat Interface for Mobile; name seems to be very odd with respect to its functions.

b) Interface seems to be minimal and appealing. I had some trouble setting up the App. I had to uninstall and then reinstall to get going.

c) Supports payment only through UPI virtual addresses ( SBI pay provides payment through Virtual address and IFSC + Account). Since limited banks support UPI, IFSC + Account would have been more useful.
d) You can add only one account. Support for multiple accounts could very useful, without which I’ll have use multiple bank Payment apps. 4 digit pin may be not that secure. 6 digits might have been better.
e)  Q.R. code is a useful feature.

The biggest pain point is that right now only 21 Banks support UPI. This seriously limits the usefulness of the App (UPI itself in general). There are only handful of places where we can use this directly.

The features I would like to see in the BHIM App are:

Six digit Pin or integration with Mobile fingerprint scanners.
Integration with e-commerce for online payments.
Payment to recharge or bill or utility providers.
Support more than one bank account with default account.
More banks are needed on the platform to make this work.
Lastly, it is a good Start! I give it a thumbs-up!


Frankly speaking, it is a step towards making a more digital economy and the fact that it is made and governed by Indian government means we don’t need to pay extra charges for payments as we give to payment gateways. Also, it won’t compromise with the customer safety because one hack means putting the safety of the whole nation on risk and the government won’t let that happen.

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