What is Aadhar Enabled Payment System

After UPI In this Post we are going to share  about AEPS Aadhar enabled payment system.  Aadhar enabled payment system allows bank to bank transaction at POS pointof sale through MicroAtm with the help of the banking correspondent of the banks. For using aadhar enabled payment system first a customer should have feed his aadhar number in his bank account. After adding aadhar card in bank account a customer can make transaction without remembering pin details with help of bio metric authentication.

Aadhar Enabled Payment System Services :


         aadhar enabled payment system

  1. any one can do his balance enquiry
  2. we can withdraw cash
  3. it also support cash deposit
  4. most unique feature of AEPS is that one can transfer fund through aadhar to aadhar. Yes aadhar to aadhar fund transfer is possible through AEPS.

Following steps have to follow for AEPS transactions.

  1. AEPS transaction can take place only at two places at micro atm or at banking correspondent.
  2. one should have to provide his bank account number along with aadhar card number
  3. Customer have to choose which type of trnasaction he is going to proceed like cash deposit or cash withdrawal or transfer of funds.
  4. Keep finger print on the finger print scanner
  5. After successful transaction keep that slip with yourself for future reference and this way transaction take place through aadhar enabled payment system

if you have any query related to AEPS or UPI Payments then feel free to comment here, we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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